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If you are searching for cross country movers our moving company offers services to any location.  Our cross country moving company offers affordable costs and optional storage services to make your move stress free and easy.  From coast to coast our network of movers provides safe and seamless moving services for both residential moving and commercial moving.  Relocate cross country with the confidence of experienced moving services from Professional Movers Inc.

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Fully Licensed Cross Country Movers

To move household goods cross country via the interstate moving companies must be register with the FMCSA and carry the correct licenses to perform these services.  PMI is fully licensed and insured to safely transport your property cross country to whichever new location you’re moving to.  We ensure that every client has their responsibilities and rights clearly explained to provide unmatched peace of mind.

How Much Do Cross Country Moves Cost?

According to HomeAdvisor.com the average cost for cross country moving is $3,357.  The range of costs vary by the distance your moving and how much property must be moved.  The average range of cross country moving costs starts at $1,626 and goes up to $5,095.  The highest end moving costs with longest distance and most property to move can cost up to or more than $9,000. *Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote, contact PMI to get a quote for your cross country move.

Full Service Cross Country Movers

We have spent decades learning the finest points of cross country moving and understand the services that help keep your property in good condition as it’s moved.  This is why we offer full service packing, fragile item packing, and unpacking services.  We will help you crate and uncrate items that need extra protection on their way to your new home.

Moving Storage Service

In some cases you’ll have need for short term storage services for large items.  These might include your grand piano, motorcycle, or even a boat.  No matter how much or how little storage you need we can provide space for you to settle into your new home without the clutter of extra items.  We will deliver your short-term storage items as soon as you need to make your move as easy as possible.

Tips For Cross Country Moving

Cross country moving keeps you on the road longer and requires more careful planning than simply across town.  Use these cross country moving tips to help minimize stress and make the move go smoother.

Minimize What You Take

One of the harder keys to cross country moving is to get rid of things that need to go anyway.  These items are old toys, clothing, furniture, or even worn out appliances.  Many times you’ll know people who are in need or you can sell/donate goods.

Do Not Ship Pets

Pets get stressed being away from their families even if the movers are the nicest of people.  While it might be easier for you while moving it should only be done when there’s no other alternative.

Get Preventative Car Maintenance

The last thing you need while doing a cross country move is getting stuck and needing automotive repairs.  Ensure that you have fresh oil, wiper blades, and other car maintenance issues looked at before you set off for your move.

Keep Gas Above 1/3rd Tank

In some areas of the country gas stations are not every 10 miles.  So it’s important to keep enough gas in the vehicle should you happen upon a stretch of road without services.  While you might have to stop a few extra times it prevents you stopping from running out of gas and having to hike to a gas station.  It’s also a good idea to keep water and snacks handy for the road trip.

Number All Boxes

Figuring out what is in all your boxes once you’re moved can be a challenge.  It’s a best practice to number your boxes so you know which boxes go in which rooms and what is inside each box.  This makes it easy to find your phone, frying pan, or whatever is needed most when you arrive.

TV/Internet/Phone Services

Call ahead to the area you’re moving to and have these services lined out before you get there.  This will make getting comfortable in your new home easier and help ensure you’ve got home productivity.

Change Your Address

Ensure that you change your address with the USPS.  You can do so as soon as 3 months before your move.  In fact the USPS offers online services for change of address for a inexpensive fee.

Old Home Walkthrough

Before you shut the door for the last time at your old home you should always check nothing was left behind and all doors and windows are shut tight.  You won’t want to wonder if you forgot something important on a counter as you won’t want to turn back half way cross country!


You should consider contacting the utility companies in the area you’re moving to.  This will make it so you can flip on the lights and get a shower with hot water the moment you move into your new home.  Don’t put it off as it can take a day or two for services to be hooked up in some areas.

Book Hotels Early Daily

It’s best to plan in advance which town or city you’ll be able to reach at the evening and call ahead for a hotel room.  They tend to fill up fast and you don’t want to be left sleeping in your vehicle instead of resting comfortably on a mattress.

Take Valuables In At Night

You’re likely moving with various valuables such as laptops, tablets, and more.  Don’t leave them in vehicles over night as you stay in hotels on the way to your new home.  Bring them in and make sure to keep your hotel door locked!

Receive A Cross Country Moving Quote

If you’ve found a great new place to live or work is taking you to a new city our services make the move easy.  Getting a cross country moving quote is simple and easy with Professional Movers Inc.   Simply give us a call and we will get a cross country moving quote worked up for you based on what you’re moving and how far you need to go.

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