Downsizing To A Studio Apartment
Written by craig braddick

Downsizing To A Studio Apartment

One way of living in a better location with less cost is being prepared to sacrifice on the size of their living space and that is one reason studios are increasing in popularity. Inevitably, this raises the concept of downsizing. For many, this means reducing their possessions but you do not want to rid yourself of everything when you move into a studio. read on to learn more about how to achieve this delicate balancing act.

Space Sacrifices

When you use a Professional Moving Company, they will be glad you are going to reduce some of your belongings to fit inside a smaller space. This is very intimidating to many people but nearly everyone owns more than we think we do. There is always furniture that is seldom used, boxes so old the contents have been forgotten and kitchenware that is no longer used. it certainly requires a clinical approach to be successful in this area.

Spatial Awareness

Work out the square footage of your new studio. That is vital to understand so you know how much stuff you can take there. Knowing what you have to play with in this regard can be very helpful. Do not forget space in the following:

  • Attic storage
  • Bike storage
  • Basement storage
  • Hot water closet shelving
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Closets
  • Space under the bed

Examine Storage Areas

Downsizing can be made easier by investigating basements, garages, closets and attics are often the home of items that are no longer used. You may be surprised to discover what is in there as you likely have no need to use it. If it has not been used in over twelve months, it is time to get rid of it.

Look At The Shelves

Take a good look at the content of all the shelves. Examine their contents and decide wha tyou want to keep. One shelf at atime, empty it out and look at each item before making a determination as to what to keep or dispose of. This can be a project for the entire fmaily. Make sure everyone has some skin in the game so even a child can be involved with the clearing out of their closet and be part of the decision making process regarding what remains and what goes.

It Won’t Be The Same Without It

It may be an oversimplification to say only take with you what you need. But it does not prevent that fact from being true! And while everyone has a lesser or greater degree of attachment to their possessions depending on what they are and who we are, we all still have to make these vital decisions if we are gonig to progress towards the goal of downsizing. The magic happens when we are able to make a determination on what amenities are nice to have and what are needed in our new living environment.

Someone who has been referred too as a “tidying ninja” is a lady by the name of Marie Kondo. Her criteria in this decision making process rests on this:

  • Is it beautiful?
  • Is it useful?

You need to establish in your mind whether you actually use the item, if you failt do so and the item truly just has a functional process, it is time for a parting of the ways. However, if you do not utilize it in the conventional sense of the word but think it has an intrinsic beauty, you can keep it.

Organization Is The Key!

In a small apartment, keeping supplies of a similar nature in well organized containers and safety boxes can be a huge assistance. Especially if you get this going before you move. Organize your possessions into caddies boxes and other portable/storage containers. Make sure your medical supplies are in easy to reach plastic tubs, assemble documents in file boxes and make sure silverware is inside its tray.

When In Doubt Live Without!

If you are moving into a smaller apartment or even a studio and it is only going to be on a temporary basis and you have too many possessions you do not want to part with, a storage unit can offer you the best of both worlds and can also be helpful in circumstances such as:

  • Clothes dryers and washers
  • Small business inventory
  • Seasonal items.
  • Family heirlooms
  • Craft supplies

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