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If you’re searching for furniture movers or local furniture movers near me in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona; our team can help!  Our team provides furniture moving across town, anywhere in Arizona, and interstate just about anywhere you need it.  Furniture is bulky, heavy, and many times awkward to carry.  It’s even harder to move furniture when there are stairs involved.  Our team of furniture movers will carry your furniture out, protect it, safely load it, transport it where you need and unload it at the new location.


We have highly trained teams of movers who are skilled at carefully moving furniture and large items.  Carefully protecting the item and taking care of the property as the furniture is move is always our highest priority.  That means if you need a fine grand piano moved or a mahogany bedroom set we will ensure it’s moved in pristine condition.

Our teams have the right tools and moving equipment to do the job right.  This means they are prepared with dollies, straps, ramps, and everything needed to safely handle large heavy items such as sofas, dressers, armoires, chest of drawers, and much more!   Protecting your fine furniture from mars or scuffs means we use pads to protect them and straps to secure them in the truck safely.  For your microfiber, leather, or other fabric furniture we wrap them with heavy duty plastic to protect them from stains, rips, or tears.

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Local Furniture Movers

If you’re moving furniture across town our team will make quick work of your job.  We will protect your furniture item, carry it carefully out of your property, and load it in our truck.  We secure your furniture with straps inside the truck for transport and will safely move it to the new address anywhere in the Phoenix Valley and surrounding cities.

In State Furniture Movers

If you’re moving or selling furniture and need it moved to a different part of Arizona, we are happy to help!  You’ll get the same great service of protecting your furniture and safe transportation.  Our team will move your furniture to any part of Arizona you wish and meet you there or with the recipient of the furniture and safely move it in.

Long Distance Furniture Movers

If you’re moving further than Arizona’s state lines our team can still get your furniture where it needs to go safely.  If you’ve got heirloom or fine furniture that needs to head out to California, Nevada, or anywhere else in the United States we can handle the job.  The same level of care and protection is used for our out of state furniture moving service.


On average, furniture moving costs $200 for the US in 2019. The cost of moving furniture ranges from $100 to $300 according to HomeAdvisor. Prices will vary depending on a couple of factors you can read about below. Read more about furniture moving costs

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