How Much Does Furniture Moving Cost?
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How Much Does Furniture Moving Cost?

On average, furniture moving costs $200 for the US in 2020. The cost of moving furniture ranges from $100 to $300 according to homeadvisor. Prices will vary depending on a couple of factors you can read about below.

When you hire professional movers you expect them to help you move from one place to another. But another often overlooked aspect of moving is the convenience of in-house moving services to help you move or reorganize heavy items (especially furniture) in your home. It can become quite tedious when you set out to move, reposition, or rearrange furniture inside your house by yourself, and there’s always a chance damaging your furniture of hurting yourself in the process. Most in-house moving estimates are quite reasonable, making it worthwhile for most homeowners as it guarantees fast and effective moving.

Cost Factors Involved in Lifting & Moving

Lifting & moving companies’ prices are formulated based on the following factors.


The number of items that need to be lifted is the most influential factor in estimating moving prices. The cost of moving heavy items is also related to the weight of your belongings.

Volume in Pounds

250 lbs

400 lbs

600 lbs





Shape & Size

The heavier the item, the costlier the service will be. But not all moving services are charged based on the size of the items. Also, bulky and oddly-shaped items make the task more demanding and as a result, the mover could ask for a higher rate. Custom estimates will vary as oddly-shaped items require custom wrapping and more personal assistance for the move.

Number Of Floors

This is applied when the lifting and moving are to be done in multistoried homes or an apartment moving within the same complex, or when you need to load your items into your truck for removal or disposal.

According to the expertise of the lifter, you should be ready to shell out about $70-$120 per hour to hire 2 lifters.

Why Hire A Professional Mover?

Smaller items in your house can be moved with the help of family and friends. But moving heavy furniture is physically demanding. You will need to complete a list of heavy equipment or furniture that needs to be lifted and moved out. Be sure that your furniture is adequately packed for its own good. If the packing is complicated, don’t hesitate to hire a professional packer. On some occasions, in-home movers make sure that your items are wrapped properly before moving to protect them from scratches.


  • Safety of your furniture
  • Decreases chance of physical injury
  • Less time needed to complete the task

Hiring In-Home Movers

Unlike the conventional homeowner, professional movers are equipped to lift and move heavy items & furniture safely without damaging your belongings. This personnel is skilled & strong enough to lift and tactfully maneuver turns and stairs within the compact confines of your home, thereby ensuring that all your packed goods are transported with care.

New Furniture

If you ordered new furniture, it usually makes sense to hire reliable moving services and let the experts take care of the new items. They can help move the item to your desired location in your home, arrange it, and remove old furniture if it required.

Rearranging Furniture

More often than not, homeowners are tired of their home’s existing layout and are looking to shuffle things up. In these cases, furniture can be rearranged in the same room or moved to a different one.

Moving Up/Down Stairs

Trying to move your heavy items up or down the stairs by yourself is usually not a good idea. This is where experienced lifters and movers can help. Turning & pivoting while moving heavy furniture not only can damage your furniture, but also puts your physical welfare in danger.

Storage or Disposal

If you want to reorganize your home and need some items to be moved to a temporary storage unit or facility, professional in-home movers can come in handy. Furniture removal cost is based on the number of items you need to be moved to temporary storage space.

Occasionally, you might want to throw out old furniture or sell it. In these scenarios, you can hire a mover to get the furniture out of your home. If you have to deal with stairs, then you should absolutely hire a professional.

Moving Apartment-to-Apartment

Under some circumstances, people move to another apartment within the same complex. If you live on the 2nd floor and are moving to an apartment on the 1st floor, a full-service moving company may not be necessary. Alternatively, you can hire experienced on-site movers to do the heavy lifting for you.

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