Average Cost to Move Locally
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How Much Does Local Moving Cost?

The average cost of local moving is $662. Local moving costs range from $176 to $1,148, depending on the size of the home for the US in 2020.

A local move is generally considered to be within 50 miles as per relocation.com.

However, that differs depending on the density of population and road accessibility in the area. Certain urban areas around the country are considerably more challenging to move in and out of because of the existing infrastructure, and there may be toll roads and bridges in some metropolitan areas.

Average Moving Costs By Home Size

  • Studio (231 cubic feet) $176.
  • 1 Bedroom, Small (390 cubic feet) $270.
  • 1 Bedroom, Large (524 cubic feet) $346.
  • 2 Bedroom (892 cubic feet) $578.
  • 3 Bedroom (1215 cubic feet) $774.
  • 4 Bedroom (1815 cubic feet) $1,148.

Hourly Rates

Another way to look at the costs of moving is to consider it in terms of hourly rates. Local moving companies usually charge $25 per hour, per-mover. It will take three movers about 6 hours to move a two-bedroom apartment locally. Therefore the cost will amount to around $450 in labor.

It is also an excellent idea to add a proper tip. Although there is no obligation, it is customary, unless you were unhappy with the service. A general rule is to tip anywhere between 5% to 15% and divide the sum equally among the movers. You can learn more about tipping movers here.

Moving Insurance

You seriously want to consider moving insurance. The default coverage usually includes compensation at just 60 cents per lb – a flat screen TV worth $1,000 and weighing only 20 lbs would pay just $12 in compensation! So obtaining additional insurance is highly advisable. Moving insurance purchased independently will set you back an average of $10 per $1,000 of valued goods, with a deductible in the range of $250 to $500.

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