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Moving A Piano

A piano is often a much loved and expensive item in your home. A beautiful sounding instrument that can become very damaged when it has to be moved. Read on to learn how you can ensure your piano is moved safely.

Should You Get Hired Help?

Moving a piano is difficult considering the weight and type of your piano.  Initially, get an estimate on how much your piano weighs. Since the average piano weighs 400 to 800 pounds — with grand pianos weighing as much as 1,200 pounds — it’s easy to understand why you’d need professional help. Moving extremely heavy items that can be easily damaged requires special equipment and skills, so it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring qualified professionals.

Upright Pianos

Moving a standard upright piano may be doable without professional help if you have able-bodied assistants and the right equipment, including a heavy-duty furniture dolly, straps and moving blankets.


Baby Grand Pianos

Professional help is recommended, as this requires experience moving extra heavy, large items, as well as the right equipment, including a piano skid board in addition to a heavy-duty furniture dolly, straps, and moving blankets.


Grand Pianos

Grand pianos can weigh over a thousand pounds and are usually highly valued. Don’t move this yourself! Unless, of course, you’re a professional piano mover.


The Right Gear

  • Furniture straps are essential for securing the piano to the dolly while moving it in and out of the container or truck, as well as during transport. When using straps, always be sure to place blankets between the piano and straps to avoid abrasions on the wood surface during transport. A piano should be double- or triple-strapped to the container or truck sides to ensure it stays in place during transport.
  • Heavy-Duty Furniture Dolly and Piano Board are very useful. While a hand truck is sufficient for most of your household items, you need a heavy-duty furniture dolly rated for enough weight to carry your piano. A piano skid board will also be needed, especially for baby grand and grand pianos.
  • Furniture blankets are A must-have for any big move, furniture blankets are thick, durable blankets specifically made to be strapped around furniture while moving. This ensures your beautiful, solid wood piano doesn’t get any nicks or scratches during the moving process. Blankets also make sure your furniture doesn’t scratch your walls or molding while turning those tight corners.

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