Office Moving Checklist
Written by craig braddick

Office Moving Checklist

Office moves need to be carefully planned as not only is there expensive equipment to be moved and many employees to relocate and set up, again, But any delays can impact your financial bottom line. Here is a chronological guide to what you need to do to prevent as many issues as possible.

Six Months Out

  • Consider your current lease. Will there be fees to play if you leave early? Will you have to pay for any damage you have caused to the property as well as anything transpiring in the duration of the move?
  • Obtain quotes from at least a trio of local moving companies and see if any specialize in office moving.
  • Decide whether you need a higher level of moving insurance coverage – especially if you have high value machines that your business relies on to operate.
  • Choose a budget and stick to it as well as look for areas where it may be possible to downsize. For example, employees may be able to assist in the process of packing.

Three Months Out

  • Finalize your moving date and make reservations with movers.
  • Ensure your current landlord has been notified as well as letting the local property manager know when you plan to exit.
  • Devise a plan for moving with your team, highlighting, and prioritizing certain actions as required for your circumstances.
  • Give team members assignments for the move so everyone is aware of their role in the procedures.
  • Ensure all team members are aware of the moving date
  • Let suppliers and other people who interact with your business know of your move and where you are relocating too.
  • Think about any special arrangements that will be needed for complex office equipment.
  • If required consult an office designer.

Two Months Out

  • Plan the layout of your office floor. Remember to consider items like ethernet connections as well as power outlets and common areas.
  • You will need to set up internet and phone service wit ha supplier in your new location.
  • Devise a plan for the set up of Information Technology systems as well as computers for staff use.
  • Devise a complete list of the passes and keys employees possess and use it on the day everyone moves to ensure everything is correctly collected.
  • Review future options for business insurance if that will be required when you relocate.
  • Review your office furniture and if needed order new items to be delivered to your new location.
  • If you will require temporary storage away from your old or new office, make those arrangements.

One Month Out

  • Make labels for everything and inventory it so it can be traced for the move.
  • Moving supplies need to be assembled.
  • Utilities needs to be canceled and transferred to your new premises.
  • Make up a list for change of addresses and update all of your company listings including for social medias
  • Obtain passes and parking permits for your new premises.
  • Make sure you have your current premises thoroughly cleaned once you move.

One Week Out

  • Inspect your new premises prior to moving in.
  • Have employees collect their personal belongings.
  • Obtain all the required materials for packing.
  • Make sure you have adequate surface protection and moving blankets ready to go.

One Day Out And The Day Of The Move

  • Complete labeling and packaging
  • Switch the lighting on to ensure it is all working properly.
  • Set up your new office layout according to the plan you have in place.
  • Connect IT and phone systems.
  • Complete an inspection of your old premises and make a note of any damage that has been accrued.

When Moving is Complete

  • Test all your equipment, phone, and internet connections.
  • Make sure your old lease has been terminated and everyone is aware of your new location and address.
  • Hand out unpacking tasks to certain employees, remove moving tags from furniture and equipment and ensure everything is stocked as it should be.

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