Professional Packing Services

If you are searching for packing services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, or anywhere else in the Valley, Professional Movers, Inc can help!

With all the excitement coming from moving, one often overlooked area is the packing portion. Efficient packing takes a great deal of stress away from moving and our professional moving teams can provide the best packing services eliminating any anxiety you have for your upcoming move.

Personalized Packing Just For You

When you work with Professional Movers you have the advantage of working with one team with the same goals you have. There is no need to hire different packers from various companies. Our professional teams are experts and have extensive packing and home moving skills keeping your belongings secure and safe.

We can pack as much or as little as you want. Even if you need assistance for sotrage our packing service can help – eliminating downtime for your employees if you are a business and saving you time if you are a moving house.

Leaning toward a DIY job? We have all the supplies including packing tape, specialty boxes, bubble wrap, tape. stretch wrap and other high-quality boxes enabling you to get the job done right.

Packing Materials

You can be assured your items like glassware and dishes will be protected by being properly wrapped and packed densely into heavy corrugated dish packs. This reduces the potential for movement and saves you money – they take up less space so you may be able to get a smaller truck for your move!

If I Pack Myself Are My Goods Insured?

Purchasing insurance is your responsibility should you decide to pack the goods yourself. Any move comes with some form of insurance. However, when you use a professional moving service, the insurance is easy to acquire and you can choose to upgrade the coverage for heavier, more expensive items, during the moving process.

It is highly recommended to utilize a professional packing service to handle your move. Packing and moving is a very involved process and there is always a chance of something being damaged or lost along the way. Moving companies are also liable for damage when moving across state lines, so undoubtedly you should choose their services.

How Much Do Packing Services Cost In Phoenix?

The average cost of moving in Phoenix is $750. Costs range from $300 to $1,200 for the cost of moving in Phoenix in 2019.

Get Packing – How To Book

Usually packing services are charged at an hourly rate in a similar way to how local moving prices. However be sure to ask about bundled packing and moving for a reduced, discounted, rate.

Call Professional Movers Inc to get a free quote to kick off your stress free packing experience.

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